Chicago Police are asking local universities to hire more private security to increase safety on campuses. Schools in large cities often provide a nice target for potential thieves and criminal mischief, so it makes sense for schools to expand their security measures and hire more well trained professionals. The unfortunate reality that schools must prepare for active shooter scenarios only increases the need for more surveillance and effective countermeasures to be put in place.

In a city like Chicago, with a sky-rocketing homicide rate unseen since the height of the crack epidemic in the 90's, the police department is stretched thin due to a surge in retirements that have outpaced hiring, and have had difficulty responding quickly and devoting resources to college campuses. A significant number of crimes that occur on campus could be handled by a well trained and competent security team, and for the 2nd largest police force in the country to recommend the expansion of private security suggests many other schools will be encouraged to do the same by local law enforcement.