Controlling large crowds at entertainment events can be challenging and complex. Overwhelming numbers of patrons and multiple entrances and exits demand a large, visible security force that must patrol effectively and remain alert at all times. As a security professional, you are there to ensure everyone is safe, and the patrons are there to have a good time. It is imperative that you not feel rushed, and properly check the ID's of anyone entering the area if needed, (especially if alcohol is being served) and treat everyone with good customer service. If you are courteous, the crowd will be courteous. It is inevitable that there may be some bad apples in the crowd that get out of hand, so it is important that you defuse the situation as quickly and calmly as possible to prevent a bad situation from escalating. Take a look at the following video, and it looks like a typical concert event. The security staff checks ID's, conducts patrols, and has every entrance and exit point covered. They even go above and beyond good customer service by handing out water at what is surely a hot day. The security guards in this video are doing their best to ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves, but also safe.

Do you see anything in the video that you think could be done better from a security standpoint? If you were working on a detail at a large venue like this, what would be the most important point to focus on?