Security guards are consistently in demand for one-time events, short-term contracts, and long-term jobs, making it a reliable industry for veterans transitioning from active duty to the civilian workforce

1. Introduce yourself to the industry.

In order to land stable security guard jobs, you should focus on increasing your knowledge and experience with security-related jobs whenever possible. After some time, you will have a wider selection of jobs to choose from as you build your experience, making you an attractive candidate for future employers who are seeking a diverse set of skills. So, the questions is, where do you start?

To get your name out there to land new and promising jobs, you need to get into the system. GuardSourceOne allows individuals seeking employment to display their skills, training, and certifications to potential employers, who then make a selection based on their specific needs, and matching criteria. This will also allow you to seek more stable employment in the security field if you are currently relying on one-time events, and sporadic short-term contracts.

2. Continue to gain experience

As you gain more experience in different security-related scenarios, your potential value to a security team will continue to grow, and will make you more available to potential jobs.

3. Pick jobs that will provide experience and an appropriate salary

Everyone should understand that working difficult jobs with long hours and in less-than-ideal conditions  is worthwhile, because it will provide you valuable experience, as well as demonstrate commitment, and a positive attitude. Remember, everyone must start somewhere. It is important to stay focused on your long-term employment goals in the security industry, as you build a career that is fulfilling to you.