Training prepares a security professional for possible scenarios they may encounter when on the job, including confronting armed attackers. It is tempting, if not understandable, for a person working the same detail, to get accustomed to routine. However, the primary function of the security guard is to remain alert at all times, and when a situation comes up, for that guard to rely on their training, and act appropriately. Take a look at the following video.

 The situation looks very familiar to many security professionals: A guard is at his post, and things are quiet. In an instant, all that changes. All of the sudden, armed attackers break in, and the guard immediately springs into action. This video demonstrates in a very startling way the importance of never becoming complacent, and certainly not ever sleeping on the job. This is the exact scenario security professionals go through rigorous training for, because there is so much at stake. First and foremost, armed attackers put lives in danger. Secondly, your employers property, valuables, and information is at stake. The security guard in this video assesses the situation, sees the attackers are armed, and immediately goes for his weapon.

This video serves as a reminder that for a security professional, anything can happen, at any time. It is critically important that you follow your training, take refreshers when you need them, and to maintain a constant state of vigilance. As seen above, you never know what to expect, but when you are well-trained, prepared, and alert, you should be able to respond effectively.