Once again, military veterans have saved the day. While on a train in France near the town of Oignies, American Servicemen, as well as British and French civilians, overpowered and subdued a man armed to the teeth with automatic weapons, a pistol, and a knife. Their quick thinking, bravery, and application of military training allowed them neutralize a potentially deadly threat. Thankfully, the suspect's weapon appeared to jam or misfire, allowing the heroes to spring into action, save lives, and have since been awarded the Legion of Honor, France's highest award. A Veteran learns many skills while in the service, and is exposed to strict discipline and rigorous physical training that allows them to confront danger, and this training stays with them for the rest of their life, even while on vacation.


This event will force world leaders to confront an uncomfortable truth: that surveillance and preparation need to be stepped up in public spaces. How does the world maintain order and safety in all situations? This is a seemingly impossible task, and even more unthinkable, is that people should worry about this kind of danger when leaving their homes. Active shooters present an enormous challenge for security industry, and it is upsetting that this scenario has popped up yet again. What can we do, in the private security industry, to help keep people safe from these kinds attacks?