A Veteran learns many skills while in the service, and is exposed to strict discipline and rigorous physical training that can change their habits and lifestyle into something more positive and productive for the rest of their life. Perhaps even more amazing, is that their instincts will forever be changed, and their ability to assess danger will stay with them as long as they live. In the following video, we see how a Veteran, who has extensive military training, and proper education on how to handle a firearm, remains calm in the face of extreme danger, assesses the danger for what it is, and defuses the situation, without any loss of life, or damage to property:



This robber picked the wrong target, and thankfully, nobody was harmed. The Veteran, acting also a security guard, took control of the situation, and immediately shut it down. You never know when a situation like this will come up, but it emphasizes the importance of proper training in the face of danger. As a security professional, you must rely on your instincts, and training to counter any potential threat, and you must always be alert for any sign of trouble.