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Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services, Inc

01201 Massachusetts, United States

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Security Officer

Security Officer


Unarmed Security Officer in Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Full Time and Part Time Positions / Various Shifts / Various Days


Step Up. Join Our Elite Force

Are you looking for a challenge? Do you want to be part of an elite force of security professionals? If so, SCIS is the place for you.

SCIS Unarmed Security Officers are responsible for controlling access, foot and/or vehicle patrols and preserving order at the client’s site. They maintain quick and controlled responses to incidents of fire, medical emergency, bomb threats, flooding, hazardous materials, etc. Qualified candidates must be a U.S. citizen, 18 years of age, and have a high school diploma/GED.

Our work is demanding. We thrive in the midst of challenge. We are brave, organized, ready. And, we are rewarded for it with above market pay, comprehensive benefits and valuable training. We believe in the vital role that we play in society and the recognition we get from it fuels us.



SCIS is a Military/Veteran friendly company, and welcomes all current/former service members to apply.  If you have/had the following MOS or NEC codes, our positions may fit what you are looking for. 

Army: 11B, 11C, 18B, 19A, 19D, 19K, 31B, 31E

Navy: 31E, 001504, 002649, 003767, A171A, MA, MMW, MT, V88B

Air Force: 1C411, 1C431, 1C451, 1C471, 1C491, 1C4X1, 3P011A, 3P011B, 3P011, 3P031A, 3P031B, 3P031, 3P051A, 3P051B, 3P051, 3P071, 3P091, 3P0X1, 7S011, 7S031, 7S071, 7S091, 7S0X1, 8G000, 8G100

Marine:  5803, 0311, 0313, 0341, 0351, 0352, 0363, 0365, 0369, 0372, 0393, 0399, 0811, 5811, 5831, 8151,8152, 8154, 8156

Coast Guard: GM, IS, ME, OS

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  • General: U.S. Citizenship.
  • Job Type: Full-Time, Part-Time.
  • Languages: English.
  • Permits & Licenses: Driver License.