Science fiction has long presented computers and technology as a futuristic threat that will inevitably turn against humanity. Thanks to movies like the Terminator franchise, when we are presented with advances in technology, people generally react with excitement, then they feel an almost fatalistic acceptance that this will eventually lead to the world being taken over by robots. People should be excited about technology that is becoming more available to us all, and not let what is depicted in entertainment shape their perceptions. It is certainly true that society has become increasingly dependent on technology, but it has made things much more efficient not only in terms of speed, but accuracy as well. One area that continues to improve and offer seemingly countless applications is drones. Drones are proving how useful they can be in securing environments by providing a bird's eye view of the perimeter,  tracking people, and monitoring crowds. Take a look at the following video:

Think of the potential this drone has in terms of security applications. It could be a great benefit to your organization in many different ways. How much criminal activity could be deterred if criminals are fearful of being recorded by drones As drones become more and more available, they are increasingly becoming cost-effective. The public is growing more accepting of this technology as they become more prevalent in society, but how long before they become a staple in the security industry?