The Video Interview 
Why is it so important?

Have you ever heard of an employer who hired someone without interviewing them?  The interview is the most important aspect when hiring  candidate.  It gives the employer a chance to see the candidate and their professionalism.  It also gives the employer a chance to get to know the candidate and find out if they will be a good fit for their company.  This is why your video interview is so important.  Most Guard Source One employers won't even consider a candidate without watching a video interview first. 

As a candidate, this is your chance to shine and show employers why you are better than your peers.  The video interview gives you a chance to let your personality shine through and show that you are not just another candidate, but that you are the candidate for them.  Some employers will even decide to compromise on certifications or experience for a candidate that they feel is a good fit. 

Use your video interview to your advantage and allow your personality to shine.

 What Employers are Looking for in a Video Interview 

  1.  Communication Skills - Speak clearly during your interview.  Take your time and answer the question concisely.  Remember, if you stumble on your words or make a mistake, you can rerecord.
  2. Motivation / Enthusiasm - Employers want to hire someone who loves their job.  When speaking, show the employers that you love what you do.

  3. Interpersonal Skills - Ur video interview to show your charisma and personality.

  4. Make the employer want to hire you right then and there.  Most importantly, smile.

  5. Professionalism - Dress professionally for your video interview.  Use a good headshot for your user photo. 

Video Interview Tips  

  1.  Look directly at the camera (not your image on the screen).  It creates the illusion of eye contact and makes the interview feel more professional. 

  2. Stand (or sit) straight.  Slouching appears sloppy and unprofessional.

  3. Answer questions directly.  When your answers are too "wordy", your message can get lost.

  4. Answer questions in a way that highlight your qualifications and knowledge